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Currently, I am on the hunt for a new apartment. A place to call my own here in the big city of Orlando! These are a few of my design ideas and inspirations for the space I hope to have VERY soon.

{UPDATE: I found a place! I'm currently in the process of moving, so stay tuned for REAL photos and post updates about the decor! Read my "Guess Who's Moving" post for the first part of the process.}

I've lived on my own since I was 17, however I've ALWAYS had someone living WITH ME. This time, it's all about ME! MY design choices, MY rules, MY space...

-->The Great Room
Also known as the living room, I've decided to go BOLD & BEAUTIFUL with a glamorous twist for this room! I want it to the set the tone for my whole apartment, showing anyone who enters that I am FUN, VIBRANT, and classy...after all, this is the FIRST room they'll see!
*Colors: Pale Pink, Navy Blue, White
*Accents: Gold, Silver, Zebra

This is my apartment inspiration: Alina Cho's NY Apartment.
Photo Courtesy of Vogue Magazine.
This is MY version of the same room. Never mind the area rugs.
 It was a challenge to find something I liked and I ended up just leaving it like that.
Photo from my Polyvore.
Check out my Pinterest board titled "New Apartment" for more on what I plan to include in this room. You'll also see my previous design ideas in the past, before I settled on this one.

-->The Kitchen & Dining Space
I've had my kitchen and dining decor picked out for a while now...I'm so ready to FINALLY see it come to life! I wanted a fresh, clean, look for my *FAVORITE* space in ANY home!
*Colors: Turquoise, Lemon Yellow, Cream/White
*Accents: Apple Green, Pale Gray

I love the freshness of lemon and cheerful turquoise!
Photo courtesy of Photo Card Boutique/Angie Sandy Designs & Illustrations.

I saw this Torsby table while walking through Ikea one day and fell in LOVE!
Photo courtesy of Ikea.
To view all of my decor for my kitchen and dining space and to see the chairs I've chosen to go along with the table, check out my New Apartment: Kitchen and New Apartment: Dining boards on Pinterest!

-->The Bedroom
The decor for my bedroom continues to change over time, but that's just my life story! Currently, I have my sights set on warm pallet that is simple with only 3 shades. Patterns definitely play a HUGE part in making my bedroom a fun, vibrant space that goes along with the decor in the rest of the space.
*Colors: Navy Blue, Coral
*Accents: Pale Gray & Textured Patterns

This is my bedroom inspiration: Decorchick's Master Bedroom.
Photo courtesy of Decorchick.
The idea of designing a room with 2 of my favorite colors is BRILLIANT!
I even added a little reading nook next to the window, just like I always wanted!
Photo from my Polyvore.
I went through sooo many design changes on my bedroom decor before I found this one. You can see all the options on my board titled New Apartment: Bedroom on Pinterest. What do you think? Should I have chosen one of the other color schemes instead?

-->Other Spaces
This section includes miscellaneous spaces that I'm either not too sure about or don't have enough of a plan to really specify on. I'm just showcasing some of my favorite ideas so far :)
*Spaces Include: Desk Area, Bathroom, Patio, Closets/Pantry

You can check out all of my odds and ends and ideas I've picked out for these spaces by viewing my Pinterest boards below:
          *New Apartment: Desk Area
          *New Apartment: Organization
          *New Apartment: Bathroom
          *Easy DIY Projects
          *Cute Ideas

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