Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Miscellany #2

Welcome to Monday my friends! Are you making it through your Monday blues so far? {fingers crossed} Although I can't cure your Mondays, I do come today with a post to distract you from those AWFUL Monday blues!

Here is number two of the Monday Miscellany: a quick collection of things from my world that will help to distract you from yours! Ready? Here we go!

Monday Miscellany
1. Je'Taime Paris! - Bastille Day, France's Independence Day, was first celebrated on July 14, 1790 to commemorate the Storming of Bastille & the unity of the French nation. {Paris is number 2 on my list of favorite cities, so of course I had to mention it!}

2. Be NAKED! - Today is National Naked Day!! Read Cosmo's list of reasons why you should DEFINITELY celebrate this odd little holiday. {Besides the fact that this blistering heat makes it impossible to be comfy in ANY type of clothing..}

3. Surf's UP! - Do you surf? Well I double-dog DARE YOU to try one of these 11 Unusual Surf Spots! Which one would you be willing to try? I'm loving #2!

4. Sun + Summer = SHADES! - I'm sure we all have at least 10 pairs of shades (because that number is totally normal, right?) to go with every outfit, but mostly to protect our peeps from the blaring sun. I don't know about you, but I ALWAYS try to find the coolest/cutest/most unique shades to rock! If you think YOURS are cool though, you should take a look at The Cut's 50 Most Iconic Sunglasses.
Do you own any of these? I'd love to see them!
{Share a photo on Twitter/Instagram and tag me 
@ebaity07 with the hashtag #iconicshades.}

5. Summer by Calvin Harris - I LOVE Calvin Harris & this song is DEFINITELY my summer jam! Not simply because of its title, but also because of the thumping electronic beat & Calvin's deep, laid-back vocals that make me think of a sunset beach party. Listen to this song & I guarantee you'll forget all about those Monday blues!!

Enjoy my friends...and keep hope alive that Friday will be here soon!

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