Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Miscellany

Welcome to Monday my friends! Are you making it through your Monday blues so far? {fingers crossed} Although I can't cure your Mondays, I do come today with a post to distract you from those AWFUL Monday blues! 

Today starts the first post of the Monday Miscellany: a quick collection of things from my world that will help to distract you from yours! Ready? Here we go!

Monday Miscellany
1. Having a hard time being happy at home? Check out the post by Mary Lauren at Headed Somewhere on how to be happier in your home. She lists 10 different ways to be happier in your OWN space. Every time I feel like my place just isn't good enough or inspiring enough, I read this post to remind me how easy it is to enjoy my space.

2. Is your meal planning getting to be a huge project that you just can't bear to deal with on a Monday? Are the same old recipes starting to creep into your menus? I use the site Supercook every time I have a menu-planning brain block. It's the BEST site to find new recipes using the ingredients you already have! I have an issue buying more stuff than I can use when I'm trying a new recipe or craving something, so this is a GREAT way to use up all the extras! All you have to do is input whatever you want to use and the results automatically populate with recipes that use those ingredients.

3. Loving the music your favorite tv show plays but can't seem to find the playlist? Use TV Show Music to find exactly the songs you're looking for! They have LOTS of shows listed and they are subcategorized by seasons and episodes, so you can find that great song you just heard from that one scene. ;-)

4. Are you still sitting at your desk, staring blankly at your computer screen and wondering what to do? Browsing the internet is sometimes a daunting task when you actually NEED something to occupy your time. Thinking too hard about it will leave that little white Google box completely empty...or at least that's what happens to me sometimes. So take the time to do something a little more productive: find out who you are! My Fundamentals of Speech professor shared this site about personality tests and it has kept me from boredom MANY times! I would start with the Jung + Enneagram Personality Test!

5. Nothing beats the Monday blues like LIVE MUSIC! Put on some headphones and jam out to some awesome live music concerts using Concert Vault. Mostly all of them are older concerts, but in my opinion, an oldie is just another word for a goodie! You never know, you may discover some new music or artists!

Enjoy my friends...and keep hope alive that Friday will be here soon!

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