Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Real Talk Tuesdays

Welcome to Tuesday my friends! Only 3 DAYS left until Friday! Until then, let's talk...

Sometimes, we just need to vent. We need a person to just sit there and LISTEN to whatever we have to get off our minds. So, I've created "Real Talk Tuesdays" specifically for that purpose. Feel free to say anything here, either via the comments or by linking up to it on your own blog! 

As for me, I would like to share something I've had on my mind lately: 
I'm AFRAID to be on my own once my apartment is ready.
{Phew...glad to finally get that out in the open..}

Don't get me wrong, I'm quite excited to be in my own place and have my own rules to follow. But a little something inside of me is still nervous about being solo dolo in my place.
A lot of "what ifs" have been popping up as the time gets closer.

*What if I hate being alone all the time?
*What if no one wants to come over and visit me?
*What if I'm not able to get my decor finished?
*What if I mess up my budgeting or something happens
and I can't afford to live by myself anymore?

I know all of these questions are just the pessimistic little part of my brain that sometimes likes to rear its ugly little head. Yet I can't help to shake the feeling that things will end up going terribly wrong and I'll once again look like a failure. I know my fears are what keep me from going into a surreal fairytale of what my life should be like, but that doesn't make them any less scary. I'm hoping to overcome these fears by doing the only thing I can do: LIVE. Going day by day and experiencing whatever comes along is the only way to deal. So that's what I plan to do...and whatever happens, happens. :)

How about you? Do you have any fears you would like to get out in the open?
Share your secrets, fears, wishes, or anything else that you just feel like you need to say!
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