Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Real Talk Tuesdays #2

Welcome to Tuesday my friends! Only 3 DAYS left until Friday! Until then, let's talk...

Sometimes, we just need to vent. We need a person to just sit there and LISTEN to whatever we have to get off our minds. So, I've created "Real Talk Tuesdays" specifically for that purpose. Feel free to say anything here, either via the comments or by linking up to it on your own blog! 

Today, I'd like to talk about my pet peeves. [insert eye roll here] Yeah, I know...those of you who know me are thinking, "Which ones? It's a long list." Bear with me...because there's one in particular I'd like to speak about today. {Don't worry...for those of you who are curious about the REST of the list of pet peeves, I'm sure there will be posts or comments about them in the future! lol}

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves...annoyances...things that rub me the wrong way:

There are a few simple things people should learn when they are growing up, especially once they're adults. The most important in MY OPINION is common courtesy. They should REALLY start calling this UNcommon courtesy, because it DEFINITELY isn't common these days!

Here's a little hint people: Think of how you would want someone to treat you or act around YOU, then DO IT for them! It doesn't take much to be a nice person...or at least a DECENT one. A little bit of nicety in this world would go a veryyyy long way.
All you have to do is TRY!
{P.S. Did you know yesterday was National Compliment Day? What's the best way to compliment someone? Show them COMMON courtesy and be POLITE!}

Get A Clue:
*Is someone sneezing? Say "bless you"...or something to that effect.
*Is someone coughing? Offer them water if you can.
*Does someone have their arms full but you don't?
Help them...or at least offer to hold the door.
*Is someone trying to get to something up higher than they can reach?
If you're taller, get it for them.
*Does someone have a small child or is an elderly person or handicapped? Allow them to go first, have the first of something, or whatever the case may be...just do something nice!

It really isn't hard people. Let's just try to be a little nicer to those around us and the world can maybe begin to be human again.

What have you done so far this week or just TODAY to compliment someone?
Share your secrets, fears, wishes, or anything else that you just feel like you need to say!
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